Listening to my friend's spouse's live commentary on said friend playing Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is giving me life this evening.

I'm still kind of processing my trip to Japan, despite being back for two weeks now. I'm hesitant to describe anything as "life-changing", because that's such a cliché (particularly when it comes to travel), but it definitely has me thinking long and hard about a number of things.

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Tales of the Aggronaut - Tam Stole My Luck - 2018-09-24 

PAX has a way of inspiring me to want to play games, which I like a lot. I can get into a slump where no games are really exciting for me, and PAX pretty reliably knocks me out of that.

Does anyone want a PAX Friday badge? I have a spare, happy to hand it off to someone who wants it.

dating angst 

dating angst 

dating angst 

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