Nineties! GO HERE NOW. DO NOT STOP, not even to pet a dog.

I make conjuring motions with my hands...

"Learning vs Learning" 

Notion, birdsite, sorry 

I'm thinking of translating my OneNote compendium of Starfinder info over to Notion, because NOTION FOR EVERYTHING

Sowing the Seeds of Discord - Moderation 

Sowing the Seeds of Discord - Moderation 

Other department manager just let it slip that I might be getting a minion.

Probably not a minion, because our office isn't large enough to accommodate another layer of management, and hopefully not because I don't want to BE in management, but at least I know there's enough work to be done that they need ANOTHER developer.

Considering I am one app dev in an ocean of DB devs, that's big news.

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"Quick Look - Boundless" 

So Boundless website claims you can "rent a personal world", which is interesting.

As much as I am intrigued by some of the features this game offers, especially in terms of guilds and towns and commerce, let's be frank.

People are dicks. I think I'm going to abandon my current plot and move to where @arislyn and her son are because we might be able to start a town, or at least camp the land so randos can't infringe for the future.

I have used up 46% of my free Notion allotment, so I guess I'm going premium.

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Enforced team morale event today! While I appreciate the thought, it would REALLY boost morale if we just got the afternoon off. 👍

Another Sunset - Wildstar 

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