Trying to make myself Bullet Journal again.
I've been really sporadic and it's really getting me down, I'm feeling like I'm not getting anywhere.

Ticking off a couple of things a day really helps keep things in perspective, I find.

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Seems peeps are busy in Maguuma Wastes again, obviously I've not read some release notes or something, but was nice to finally get another chest piece from the Mordrem Vinewrath 😄

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#GuildWars2 Finally managed to redeem the Kung Fu Tea promo rewards. Loving the Dragon Emblem outfit! Perfect loungewear 😍

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Part 2 of Shady Characters' series on the history of emoji covers the disappearance of special characters from typography during the era of machine printing, to their return in the age of digital communication:

(I love that Houston used shrug dude as a hedera.)

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Apple Social Ranking

We're in something worse than 1984 quite soon. Surveillance and control apparatus are already lightyears in advance of any Stasi wet dream. Now it's just cooking frog in pot.

Social ranking / ubiquitous surveillance to filter the middle / upperclass such that only lapdogs get mortgages, afford private schools, 6-figure jobs, will ensure this.

It's not doomsaying, it's just journalism; something wiped out by capitalist capture of info dissemination

19:00 and I just finished work 😑
Last job of the day took 5 hours, if it’d taken 2 I would have finished on time... complications, always. Oh well. It’s fixed now.

and now sitting in Burger Fuel waiting for my order patiently 😴

Bugger off rain! I haven't finished yet!

Oh I mean a cherry picker, not a scissor lift.

Either way I dislike heights, or rather... the potential to go splat.

I meant to take a photo from up top. But oh well.

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@rtwx I remember tying up the phone line to play DOOM deathmatch with my friend in college

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@rtwx also, Terminator 2 and Jurassic Park are closer in time to the first moon landing than they are to us. Right now the halfway mark between us and the 1969 landing is the year 1993.

Next year, people born after 9/11 will become legally adult. The Fellowship of the Ring also turns 18 next year.

So in only two years time, the LOTR movies celebrate their 20th anniversary.

Feeling any younger now? :P

I have a vague memory of in Windows 3.1 (and therefore on DOS I guess), and having to boot with different memory configurations. I think Expanded and Extended memory? I was in high school at the time, I do remember it having 8MB of ram because it was more than my friends that had 4MB.
I don’t even remember how I found out how to change the allocated memory types, the internet want really a thing.

Holy crap we’ve come a long way in a short time.

Holy crap I’m getting old.

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I don’t get mentioning your age in your bio. Like that’s just making too much work for yourself. You gotta remember to update it like every year and that’s a big commitment

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Let's do a : last song you listened to (intentionally), go!

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I added my mastodon sticker designs to my t-shirt shop. So you can easily print them on stuff now. But remember: these are CC-0, so you can use them for your own stuff, too.!/

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