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They're on YouTube. I like Brenda's Beaver the best.

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It's weird being friendly with your co-workers, because we can have a conversation that lasts an hour or two, and in a normal hangout sesh with a friend you can say "well, I guess I'd better get going" or something

At work there's no easy way to say "okay time to stop talking but still sit next to each other for a few more hours"

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How disagreements escalate on The Fediverse, an illustration.

Here are photos of my kitten.

Don't you think puppies are also cute?

Person1 replies:
F*** off, and die, you Nazi scum.


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@fitheach your forgot the following steps :

- your client is fascist
- we'll ban your instance because of the previous reason
- hey every body look over here, there are fascists !

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"Google Is Tightening Its Grip on Your Website" by Owen Williams

"AMP adoption is also the only way to gain access to Google’s Discover feed, which features articles on the page that appears when you open a new tab in the Chrome browser."

Welp, now I know why I get traffic to my blog from this thing. WordPress defaulted to enabling AMP by default, and I never bothered to turn it off.

A few peeps may remember I shared progress wiring this blue beast which is now on the cover of the NZV8 magazine.

Kinda stoked I get to work on things like this, even if it is a headache and sometimes stressfull at the time. The end result is awesome.

I’d share the whole article, but seeing as it’s current release I won’t. Copyright etc.
You can however see his DJR XE which I wired a few years ago here:

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Just picked up a crumb from the couch and ate it.

As I crunched into it, I realised I was super glad it actually was what I thought it was.
As opposed to something off the cats foot or whatever.

I had just been eating, but you never know....

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More than 50% of #Google searches result in zero clicks. That is, presumably people are getting their answers directly on the #search page and not from the sites crawled.

"Google is now a #searchengine that mostly doesn’t send traffic back to the sites they get their data from. They are essentially #overfishing the Open Web here."

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I think a lot of projects would be improved if the devs knew to stop while they were ahead

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I really wish people would stop phrasing the way Pleroma does promissory security as "Pleroma lets you ignore blocks". That's not true at a deep level and only deceptively tangentially accurate at a shallow one.

Sigh :/
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it's a joke that people worry about CEO salary being off the charts but don't care that entertainers are crazy rich as well
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I'm just gonna say: The YouTube recommendation algorithm is FAR more harmful than any amount of channels full of hate speech. Optimizing for engagement is always going to give priority to these sorts of things. Engagement is a toxic metric.

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OMG. @fatboy is this what you sent me the other day... I mean, I could just run Ubuntu and this instead of i3! And gain all the ease of use of gnome integration... like, my kids could easily use this!

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