PSA: If you use social media to promote a certain product/service/event, posting other people's photos with a "credit" but without their permissions is NOT OKAY. Imagine Saying to Microsoft "I'm OK to use Win10, because I got the product key from a software developer" #copyright

Well, if you're a criminal and need to bypass face recognition cam based security, don't worry, 3 IR LEDs get you there securely.
If you wanna pass as someone else, you might have a much as 70% chance to pull even that off.

Good to know if I decide to switch career paths from software to criminal ;)

Finally found a suitably scary username change for October.

I'm sure it's still #ScreenshotSunday somewhere... ๐Ÿค”

My :manjaro: laptop, with wallpaper by me!
Photo of my brother riding against the sunset at the coastal walkway here in New Plymouth, New Zealand, just this saturday evening been ๐Ÿ˜

I actually have this and another as 4k wallpapers to put somewhere as CC BY-NC-ND, but am not sure where to host yet. I really need to get a site up; open to ideas where to put the wallpapers up though.


So I was inspired by this tweet, and I wanted to see exactly how far back in history you would have to go to reach Jeff Bezos' Worth (for this tweet, about $108 billion dollars) (Thread)


Re-living my younger years... Iโ€™m sure this must have been early 2000s even though Spotify says album was 2015 ๐Ÿค”

somebody tell me about the activitypub threat model for when a server's domain name expires and years later is bought by a malicious party in order to assume the role or rights of a specific actor

24โ€ wheel BMX for anyone curious. I havenโ€™t ridden it in about a year, I usually ride my mountain bike. They handle very differently ๐Ÿ˜•

Thanks @pulledfromthewater for reminding me I need a new brake cable; it broke yesterday while riding at local jump park.

Note that Iโ€™m old and break easily, so I only did the berm track through the middle. Itโ€™s freakin fast and scary without a brake though!

Hereโ€™s me pushing back up, taken by my daughter on my Lumix G85, with the 45-150 lens that only turned up that morning.

Stupid fact:
The proverb "I hear, I see, I learn" is "Audio, Video, Disco" in Latin.

The finished result! This is still without the acrylic glass and two-way mirror sticker of course. I'll add that soon, as well as configuration of the modules on the screen. Fun project, 8/10 would recommend :) #magicmirror #nerdstuff #weekend

> The hardest things to say are
> I was wrong
> I need help
> Worcestershire sauce

Job Begging (Cyber Edition) 



lmao one of the bands playing at the pub this month is called "we brought a penguin"

Websites that have cookie banners saying closing the banner means accepting cookies. Websites blocking me from their content if they realize Iโ€™m using a privacy mode. I think Iโ€™m going to read something else instead.

I did bugger all today and the time just flew past. I'd like to commission some research into making time pass at the same rate it does at work, while not being at work. Thank you.

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