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Use the mouse wheel to change the thickness of your tool

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We need more research into whatever causes the degeneration of cognitive function that occurs when someone goes into management.

It’s truly astounding, and so fucking common.

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password generators are shit because they have to rely on the random number generators in your computers and software that the NSA obviously controls

the most secure password generator is putting a cat on your keyboard because nobody knows what the hell those devils think, not even the NSA
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"What's your greatest weakness?"

"I'm particularly vulnerable to fire and piercing damage."


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@rtwx Well now I'm insulted. I have a Panasonic microwave, and it has offered no such opinions!

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Nintendo: "We're gonna be fairer to our employees."

Capitalism: "Wait-"

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My beef with "the Chipotle of x" restaurants is if you put *everything* Chipotle offers on a burrito, you'll get a tasty-if-overstuffed burrito. Try that at Pieology or what have you and you get a gross mess, so you have to be culinarily savvy and make some difficult edits.

The first time I went to a place like that I was mentally drained at the end of the ordering process and felt triumph when my pizza was reasonably palatable. If I wanted to work that hard for dinner I'd stay home and cook.

New 😊
About to test!

Parallel imported as thy only sell the 32L model here in NZ (I got the 18L), and no other biking models have the integrated rain cover and hydration pack slot. Also it’s half the price of the hiking version locally which doesn’t even have the rain cover.

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For real, though.

I have a PHP-based ActivityPub (micro)blogging service and platform I have begun work on. It is extremely early stages, because I do not have a high rate of code output, but I DO have good project organizational skills and structural design.

If you have interest or experience in PHP, CSS, or Regular Javascript and want to help make a modular, extensible alternative to Mastodon, hit me up. I would be happy to discuss my ideas and hear yours.

“The longer you leave it, the stronger the flavour”

- workmate looking at my leftovers I forgot about in the work fridge.

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'mindless group-think' might be one of the most accurate two words ever strung together. Pick your context, it matters not.

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Kreative Umsetzung.

"The Spanish DPA issued its first major GDPR fine - $283,000, against the Professional Football League. The League's mobile app obtained access to microphones after user accepted T&C, turned them on once every minute during matches and cross-referenced location data to identify bars that broadcasted matches without paying for a license. There was no clear info about this practice and no possibility to withdraw consent."


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Isn't tech amazing.
It seems the microwave recognised me.

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Mozilla Foundation vs Corporation 

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Jolla - the makers of mobile Linux OS Sailfish: translators needed!

Jolla is getting ready for the Sailfish OS 3.1.0 release.

This time (Round 1 of 2) there are about 210 strings to be translated depending on the language.

Jolla kindly asks the community to help with translations until Saturday, 15th June.

Please participate if You're able!

== >
#Jolla #translators #Sailfish #Linux #helpneeded

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This summer... it's coming...

The Vengabus
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