Okay who else is dabbling in Maple Story 2? I'm not sure why I'm playing, but it's so cute.

Podcast self-pimpment 

@BreeTruLove FYI, seeing your art in part inspired me to sign up for an art class next month! I don't have any innate talent, but I'd love to at least be able to draw beyond stick figures. :)

@Pixelchristi I just wanted to say: this works! I didn't realize that @today will change appropriately as time passes. That tricky Notion!

@Belghast @Nogamara @ctmurphy @Pixelchristi

2004: The internet is full of murderers! Use a pen name!
2018: This app will summon an internet stranger to your location for a ride!

phone gadget chat 

phone gadget chat 

@ctmurphy @Belghast @Pixelchristi Yes, I agree. This is an ongoing problem of theirs -- see Google Hangouts, Hangouts for Business, Google Allo, Google Duo, Google Talk, and the other 18,000 chat options.

Hey users -- is there an easy slash command or keyboard shortcut to enter today's date?

@Belghast @Pixelchristi Yeah, I was very into G+ for the first six months or so... and I met Bel there, so it did some good!

Totally understand about having to move a community, though. It's always painful. (The last one I navigated was moving everyone from IRC to a free Slack channel.)

My niece, 7 years old: "I put glitter in mommy's hair. I'm glad I'm a child and can do that kind of thing."

I'm doing a quick 24-hour visit back home to Canada today for Thanksgiving. Dual citizen = dual turkey dinners!

@braxwolf @wilhelm_arcturus YOU'RE ALL MUTED.

But seriously, I have been thinking about how I could shape my Twitter feed into something I could live with again, and .. I don't know.

HELLO MASTODON. I was on vacation and then sick but I'm back.

@braxwolf I have never said this to someone before ever but..... have you tried checking NextDoor?

He looks like a nice dog, please pet him for me.

@Pixelchristi That's awesome! And I firmly believe that if you're not at least a little scared by something new, you're not trying hard enough. :)

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