Went shopping for t-shirts for and found the perfect one. Ready for a week of horror+sci-fi movies and new friends!

And while I'm talking about the old days... this was one of the coolest things that's ever happened to me.

(I didn't win, but whatevs.)

The benefit of having a great local instance community when the federated timeline goes all mob rule drama:

YOU GUYS, the light theme of Mastodon for web is so much better than the dark one. Go to the bottom of "Preferences" and select Mastodon (light) from the drop-down menu.

I get new random phone wallpaper every day and at first I thought today's was Photoshopped. (It's a maned wolf)

I cannot start an instance without a cat photo SORRY NOT SORRY

Nineties Cafe

Do you remember the 90s? Me too! This instance of Mastodon is aimed at the post-college crowd. We're not going to check your ID or anything, but be warned that local chat might be about serious adult topics like work, parenting, and video games.

The admin is @jezzicuh. She's a communications nerd who has run communities for fun and for profit since about 2005.

Code of conduct:

  • No Nazis, no harassment, no slurs, no shitheads.
  • No bots or automated stream/blog announcements.
  • Be excellent to each other.
  • Use the Content Warning feature as appropriate.
  • Swearing is fine.