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Moving my to this instance:

I'm Jessica, a super working in for .

I'm from , , but live in . I'm into , , , , , , , and being nice to people.

I have a named Binkley. She is terrible and very furry.

I also run the Mastodon instance, because I like shiny social media toys and making nice places for friends.

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Okay before I start adding in earnest, a Mastodon primer.

HOME: These are the people you follow across any instance.

LOCAL: These are just the members of the instance.

FEDERATED: As you follow people, they are discovered and added to our federated timeline. Friends of friends of friends, etc.

Okay who else is dabbling in Maple Story 2? I'm not sure why I'm playing, but it's so cute.

Podcast self-pimpment 

phone gadget chat 

phone gadget chat 

Hey users -- is there an easy slash command or keyboard shortcut to enter today's date?

My niece, 7 years old: "I put glitter in mommy's hair. I'm glad I'm a child and can do that kind of thing."

I'm doing a quick 24-hour visit back home to Canada today for Thanksgiving. Dual citizen = dual turkey dinners!

HELLO MASTODON. I was on vacation and then sick but I'm back.

HELLO FRIENDS I am 7 hours and 1 meeting away from vacation. I think I'm going to make it.

That PlayStation Classic is totally my nostalgia jam, but it needs Parasite Eve and wip3out on the game list.

Let's do a : last song you listened to (intentionally), go!

I'm pretty sure that @Morality_Police doesn't actually *play* Fallout 4, he just slowly adds mods until he breaks the game and vows to stop playing it ever, and then starts over a few days later.


FOUR DAYS until vacation and it feels like I have 10 days worth of work still to do >.<

@Belghast I had brunch with @tamrielo @kodra (plus family) and Ashgar today and it reminded me that you really should visit Seattle sometime. :)

Working out of a hipster coffee shop this morning and they're playing Rage Against the Machine.

Zach de la Rocha is shouting, "Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me" while I eat avocado toast and do work and my 16-year-old self is VERY disappointed in me in so many ways.

@Morality_Police just quoted a bunch of Big Trouble in Little China at me perfectly and I replied, "... you should talk to my friend @braxwolf."

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