If you any of you like reading non-film critics reviewing movies made well before their time, the page for the Mrs. and mine's Warner Brothers classic film review series is up on the blog: murfvers.us/warner-brothers-to

Let's do a : last song you listened to (intentionally), go!

Did the 90s have cold brew coffee? I am thinking about getting an appliance for it but I am little worried about evolving my caffeine addiction ...

I don't like the show more tag on here. It makes it feel like I am reading my email inbox instead.

@jezzicuh How hard was it to set this up? I kind of want to do a D&D specific one.

Yo my free radical dudes and dudettes. Have you seen the biggest, chewiest nerds yet? That's right, these nerds are truly bodacious with their big, huge size and their big, huge flavor.*

*I do not endorse this product.

The last/newest achievement in Slay the Spire is terrible. I cannot advance beyond level 17 of Ascension mode ...

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