So, sat in my chair most of the day playing ESO because I threw my back out. Feel old and guilty all at the same time

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@Pixelchristi hahaha

Oh man, I would move into a smart house designed by you, for sure.

Fun new game: scroll through Twitter, turn off retweets from anybody who's retweeted something political. GO!

Thanks to the puppy, I now know that we live close enough to a farm to hear the roosters crow in the morning

Extreme cuteness 

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I don't know what to make of this... The delivery driver put my hard drives... In the fridge?! Because the box says new egg?!?!

Heck of a great weekend. Started with a fantastic college visit with my oldest on Friday. Saturday we found a new home for a neglected puppy. Both my college and pro football teams won, as did my son's soccer team. Today, I got a passing score on my first practice GSEC test. It's a 5 hour exam.

So, yay! Also, I'm really tired. :D

Over 60 Facebook shares and a dried up microchip trail later, we found a new home for the dog. He has a little girl, 4.5 acres, and another german shepard.

She's almost as big as our 7 year old golden retriever but looks like she's got a lot of growing yet to do

A German Shepard puppy wandered up to our house today. Friendly, but nails look very long & unkept. My wife's Facebook post about it has been shared almost 30 times but not even a lead yet. Hard to believe a dog like that could belong to nobody


Work rant 

Taking Friday off to go on a college visit. Going to be a marathon, 4 hours there, a few hours for tours and stuff, and four hours back. Got a good feeling about this one. It's got one of the best Automotive Technology programs in the country, which is what he's interested in. Only hesitancy is that it's a pretty big school.

This is the fun part. Paying for it, not so much

Slightly political Willie Nelson 

I got a new work location this week. It has a sit/stand desk. I always thought that standing at your desk was silly, but I'm kind of digging it! Still, I think I'll pace myself lest my bad knee starts to complain

I don't know why I continue to read about the Apple announcements, I haven't used an Apple product by choice in five years or so.

Oh, right, I'm married and have kids and they all think iPhone is synonymous with smartphone

If Fred Rogers' show came out in 2018, half of the internet would be calling him a libtard for shining a light on social issues. The other half would be calling him an ignorant redneck for being open about his faith and beliefs. I wonder if his show would even last one season.

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