"Anyone can do any amount of work, provided it isn’t the work they are supposed to be doing at that moment."

Proving the hell out of that maxim today.

One of my students is texting me pictures of household objects and asking me the English word for the item. This is definitely not sustainable if it becomes her new hobby, but for this afternoon it's pretty adorable.

Started teaching a new class today: a hybrid class that combines ESOL instruction with preparation for the US naturalization application and interview process. The students have been asking for this class for a long time, so I'm really excited, but there's also a lot of pressure, and a LOT of material to cover in a short time, which is tricky in a class of mixed levels with many literacy issues. Excited but slightly exhausted-in-advance for the coming term.

#metoo, Jian Gomeshi, NYRB 2/2 

#metoo, Jian Gomeshi, NYRB 1/2 

Just bought tickets to the world premiere of "PermaDeath: A Video Game Opera" here in Boston next week and I'm so excited. Two things I love that I never expected to be combined! operawire.com/cerise-jacobs-vi

The rational part of me, which I think of as Brain Headquarters, knows that I should go to bed early tonight. This cat accurately represents the feelings of the rest of me. NO WILL NOT DO!

pet illness 

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y'all, please send virtual hugs to the Brazilian people tonight, who lost their entire national museum in a catastrophic fire. thousands of artifacts that date back thousands of years were lost, as well invaluable artworks from many cultures. this is a terrible loss for humanity.


as an anthropologist, artist and a lover of brazilian culture, and as someone who studied tupi, this loss is staggering and tremendous.

podcast recommendation, history 

podcast recommendation, history 

food, money, getting older 2/2 

food, money, getting older 1/2 

Family quality time tonight: we're watching Serena play Venus in the US Open. I don't even really understand how scoring works in this game, but even I will show up for this.

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Internet culture as such a weird combination of "everything is flawlessly recorded forever" and "you just had to be there". Everything is simultaneously permanent and ephemeral. We're drowning in records that have no context, and context that has no records

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@Pixelchristi I have procrastination as repeating daily on my todo-list. That way I always get to tick something off.

ranting, women's clothing 

Just spent the evening doing phone banking in support of a state ballot initiative coming up in the November election and I am SO TIRED and I never want to talk to anyone on the phone ever again.

Just successfully ran the email gauntlet. Now I get to spend some quality time with my 📔

That's really cool. Hadn't heard of it before. I'd maybe do some reading - I did a couple books on tape for the Canadian Association for the Blind when I was in high school (back when tapes were a thing, haha) and I was surprised how much I enjoyed reading aloud.

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