I'm in the process of moving to alli@wandering.shop


nineties.cafe seems pretty dead. Do I go back to elekk.xyz or search for a new instance? I'm more than just about , where can I talk about all day?

I wonder what listening to the same 6 kids songs every day is going to do to my Spotify recommendations.

Really, really important news: I changed my revelry username to `allirense` to match my usernames most everywhere else. ravelry.com/people/allirense

My son pretended to be me working. He typed and growled "come on!" at his fake computer.

Sorry my roots are so depressing. I should knit more.

Death, dog death 

At least I didn’t pay for it (prime reading). I want to read a book about magic, but the characters need to work for it.

I started reading a fantasy book and it started great but the MC just instantly gained a ton of powers and I don’t know if I’m interested anymore.

Selfie with cat 

Selfie with cat 

Home from wedding. Everyone is tired and cranky.

Logged in, saw a bunch of posts about something called Boundless. Don't think it's my cup of tea.

Me: I feel like a slacker and I’ve probably been taking too many days off.
My boss: You’ve been working so hard and barely taken any days off!

Wedding Anxiety 

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