Sadly seems like Nineties is a bit of a vacuum now. I'm mostly on if anyone who follows me here is interested.

A shame as I really liked it here.

Just playing with Lightroom on the iPad. This was made on my trip to the Highlands last week (not for my #photography project, this one). It’s of the Cromarty Firth, which has now become a resting place for disused oil rigs.

P.S. I can’t see how to caption on my iPad, so here it is, below.

“Contrasty, high key, monochrome image of the Cromarty Firth, which was mirror flat. Sky and sea are pure white, with a long thin needle of land jutting out into it. On the horizon, there is an oil rig.”

Us pol 

Back from the dead: Meet the people keeping old MMOs alive Dozens of dead or abandoned MMOs are kept alive by teams of volunteers, many of whom struggle with the legal and financial implications of the task

Death, grief 

Death, grief 

Morning nineties!

Was going to go in to my studio this morning but I'm really under the weather, so I think today is a gaming day! I might pop in tomorrow morning instead.

We've got a cold Arctic blast coming to hit us today and for the next few days, so maybe it's best to be in my cosy warm house anyway.

I really think we're in for a massive upheaval of the gaming landscape over the next couple of years.

Nothing I've seen over the last few weeks has dissuaded me of that notion.

Just watching Adobe's keynote from yesterday. I should stop. Every time I watch one it makes me REALLY want to get back into design. Adobe Xd et al would have totally transformed my ux and graphic design career instead of ditching it after 12 years. So much easier and friction free now.

I really want to find some way to play with this stuff whilst still pushing my photography.

The story of my life, writ large and small. Distracted by the shiny until I get bored and new shiny comes along. =\ 💔

Trying to connect to some blind linux users to talk about accessibility, please boost

Hey nineties! Back from our too brief honeymoon. Rachel's back to work tomorrow morning but I'm still on holiday duties with the child this week.

What have I missed?

Podcast self-pimpment 

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