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AggroChat Podcast #221 - Fighting Infection - 2018-09-23 

mh(~) Anxiety Thread 

mh(~) Anxiety Thread 

mh(~) Anxiety Thread 

mh(~) Anxiety Thread 

mh(~) Anxiety Thread 

mh(~) Anxiety Thread 

mh(~) Anxiety Thread 

yay apparently someone cursed me out in russian on youtube because they wanted the name I have used on the internet for two decades... fun times :)

Tales of the Aggronaut - Distraction - 2018-09-21 

I want to sort of mess with CrytoKitties but like focus entirely on giving a home to the cats that the market deems "ugly" and as such non-valuable


Tales of the Aggronaut - The Grind Feels Bad - 2018-09-20 

Tales of the Aggronaut - Warning Signs - 2018-09-19 

Tales of the Aggronaut - Borrowing Systems - 2018-09-18 

Tales of the Aggronaut - Progression Soft Cap - 2018-09-17 

A little tutorial on how to make a basic topdown construction much more delicate by adding vanishing points.
While it might seem like not much difference for a cube, it can have huge impact on complex objects.

#pixelart #gameart #gamedev #indiedev #gamedesign #tutorial

AggroChat Podcast #220 - I Am Gorb! 

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