@rtwx I'm still around sorta, but also playing with the MMORPG.com instance @belghast

@DialMforMara I sincerely doubt it is one last hurrah, WotC is probably going to keep dipping into the masters piggybank as often as they can :)

@BreeTruLove that is really awesome to hear. I still play but albeit infrequently. I poke my head once a week or so at a minimum. I am pretty sure we are already friends but I am @Belghast there

@Pixelchristi I think there are a lot of companies that have been running on fumes for awhile now... and they will start falling

@eightbitsamurai I think they largely consider what they did with 11 and 14 to be not a great idea... since they permanently fragmented their player base. There are still diehards that will never like 14 the way they liked 11 and continue to play. I think they thought EVERYONE would migrate.

@Pixelchristi @arislyn yeah this is why I am planning on renting a server for Fallout 76 so I can set carebear ruleset :)

@Nogamara @ctmurphy @jezzicuh @Pixelchristi 93 ish is when I started messing around with the internet, and the general advice for safety was never give any information online that someone could use to harm you. "America's Most Wanted" show fostered an atmosphere that everyone was out to get you.

@ctmurphy @jezzicuh @Pixelchristi maybe I am weird, but I started using the internet in an era when the number one golden rule was never use your real name online ever for safety sake

@ctmurphy @jezzicuh @Pixelchristi In my mind the beginning of the end was Google attempting to enforce a real name policy, and then systematically making it more facebook-like over time.

@jezzicuh @Pixelchristi there was a time I would have deeply cared, but that time passed. I will always be happy for plus introducing me to liore though :)

@jezzicuh we are going to have to call the authorities... the child has become self aware

@peacebloom side note... I kinda miss having Argus in the sky of Azeroth

Tales of the Aggronaut - Autumn Harvest Festival - 2018-10-05 

@aure see also the other day's blog post where I tracked how long it took me to bounce from wow expansions heh

Tales of the Aggronaut - Charm Maintenance - 2018-10-04 

Tales of the Aggronaut - Days Til Bounce - 2018-10-03 

Tales of the Aggronaut - Days Til Bounce - 2018-10-03 


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